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Superfluous Technology

"Twitter is more fun and useful when you access it from your mobile phone." I think not. Phone, rather elderly, for speaking and listening; full keyboard for tap tap tapping out letters and lines and sentenes. Collapse )

But I was nattering about Twitter. Not that I spend a lot of time with that, since I have plenty of other things going on through the laptop which is my usual mode of access, although I can see it might be useful in The Future. I follow a few friends, when I get there, and post very little, which is after all the form, isn't it, posting 140 characters. Or less. It's poetry; publicity; or weblogging, which after all is the original recursive navel-gazing of the intarwebs, Look At What I Found On The Internet. I love the Proust that I am currently reading there -- occasionally, when I get there -- one phrase at a time, in a very artfully edited edition.