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new year

Escape to 1889.

Actually it was in the handmade books community that I found this accordion book unique binding which linked to entire page spreads of a sweet little piece of Holmes/Watson slash (by another hand). I am tickled to find my communities of fandom and book artists connected even in a small way, or very far away.

That of course linked to the deeper veins of H/W, not to mention the motherlodes of internet fanfic. After a bit of a wander I settled in for some more reading, and found a wonderful little theoretical work on homoerotic content in the Canon, a subject I had only heard of in passing although it sounded plausible enough just on the face of it, Decoding the Subtext, which lists and discusses the Doyle works in fictional chronology.

And that is how I arrived at the bookshelf to take down a mid-twentieth-century facsimile edition (courtesy of bibliofile) of the Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes, reproduced from the Strand Magazine, with classic illustrations by Sidney Paget. It's a fat book, but still doesn't weigh as much as my laptop.