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How Do I Rule

1. Still the jock of my Yoga for Chronic Pain class. Not practicing a lot, but after my walk I lie down and stretch at least minimally. Is that all it takes? apparently.

2. Still walking every day. Today, warm and sunny, another barefoot walk. Number One Son convinced me to walk more barefoot because, jeez, I have callouses even inside my shoes. As it gets warmer I try every sandal and shoe in my possession to find something that will replace boots (wearing out) and walking shoes (likewise ready for replacement). There is no shoe I can wear without socks that will not give me blisters within a couple of miles. Today I started out in flipflops and took them off after I got past the gravel alley and the coffeeshop. Lots of nice grass out there already. I don't walk as fast, but there is nothing for staying in the moment like bare feet on the ground.

3. Finished e-filing taxes when I got home.

4. At one and the same time, I was reviewing inventories of the calligraphic artwork I've taken to the OddCon art show the last several years, of which I had not kept very good track. That gave me an idea for something to showcase this time, then digging it out one thing led to another and now I have stuff sorted out to hang Friday. Also prospective work for WisCon art show dug out of the files, and paperwork for Balticon (application deadline May 1). After months of doing nothing, this is some kind of improvement.

5. Sat down and read (I'm halfway through Kathy Reichs' "Bones" series which I am taking in order) until bibliofile stopped by to visit. We channeled kitty's thoughts, then cats and dogs living together -- leading (through Ghostbusters apocalyptic reference) to programming prospects on racism, sexism and social class for OddCon and WisCon. White Men in SF: Threat or Menace? It's a, it's a joke, son.

6. Hey! found sculptures on my walk! brought em home.

7. Cut narcissus from the yard for the table.

8. Made a salmon quiche for dinner. With bread and salad. Fruit later. (Fridge still overfull since Number One Son's vacation visit.) Sitting down with television now.
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Superfluous Technology

"Twitter is more fun and useful when you access it from your mobile phone." I think not. Phone, rather elderly, for speaking and listening; full keyboard for tap tap tapping out letters and lines and sentenes. Collapse )

But I was nattering about Twitter. Not that I spend a lot of time with that, since I have plenty of other things going on through the laptop which is my usual mode of access, although I can see it might be useful in The Future. I follow a few friends, when I get there, and post very little, which is after all the form, isn't it, posting 140 characters. Or less. It's poetry; publicity; or weblogging, which after all is the original recursive navel-gazing of the intarwebs, Look At What I Found On The Internet. I love the Proust that I am currently reading there -- occasionally, when I get there -- one phrase at a time, in a very artfully edited edition.
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Envy is one of those Deadly Sins

The first thing I envied of my cousin's was her cat. It was a Siamese, obviously the coolest possible cat. I was three, she was four, rather the way my mother was a year older than her mother, only the other way round. The cat had a name, Ting, but it was just called The Cat, or Kitty-kitty-kitty. My cousin was very important to me and we spent a lot of time together over the years. She was my friend all that time when every year I was in a new school, or two. One year I even started the school year at her school, for a month.

I loved to go visit her, taking the train from Oklahoma City to Wichita, or later riding in a car across the plains. She lived in a house at the end of a cul-de-sac at the end of the suburbs of Wichita, Kansas. I don't recall that there was anything in sight beyond the end of the street, or behind the back yard, although there must have been, even if it was Kansas. It was always the same house -- no matter where I had been living. Not only a house but a yard. She had a back yard with a swingset, and a spruce tree (what use was that, a prickly old spruce tree, except for Christmas?) that grew quite large over the years, and crabapples.

She had a front yard too, and a hose with a sprinkler, and a pack of neighborhood kids, and kindly adults who would swing you around to play Statues on summer evenings when it was beginning to cool off. Sometimes there were fireflies. Sometimes there were said to be chiggers, but I never saw them. They had an air conditioner. They had Dr Pepper in the fridge.

My cousin had roller skates, and could use them. She had a big stuffed panda bear. She had the spring horse. She had the Tiny Tears doll and the Chatty Cathy and the Barbie and Barbie's Dream House and an Easy-Bake Oven. She had a toy piano, and later a real piano too. Then she had go-go boots... and like that. (She got a little sister a couple years before I got a little brother.)

Barbie was for slightly older girls back then, instead of little girls like it is now. When I was nine, my mom got a sewing pattern (I still have it) for an assortment of twelve-inch fashion doll clothes, and she made a bunch of barbie clothes, and sent them to my cousin for Christmas. My cousin's barbie even got a little dress made out of the scraps of a golden silk Japanese brocade kimono that my dad had brought back when he was in Korea and they had made mostly into a cocktail party sheath dress for my mom. Then there were no scraps of that fabric left over.

But I was allowed to learn to use the sewing machine.

I was fascinated by the way three dimensional forms could be fabricated from flat material. Using scrap materials became interesting to me. The change of scale that occurs is wacky, when you take a small print and then make something tiny out of it that makes it seem like a large print.

Later my cousin envied me the ability to sew. She thought I had an exciting life of travel, and that Wichita was boring. She went to the same school system, with the same selection of friends, all the way through high school.

Which I did not.

And look how we turned out!
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1972 words, abruptly interrupted by the Blue Screen of Death. But that was downstairs. Fortunately the document is on google docs so I can find it from the laptop too while the poor downstairs computer tries to pick up the pieces. One. By. One. By. One.

The plan is, after November, to take previous notes on the subject and smash those several thousand words together with the several thousand words I have this year, and see what it begins to look like. After meandering around for 15000 words or so I began to have a much better idea of what it's about, so there's a moral there -- plain as the nose on your face.

This in spite of the principle efforts of the day being domestic. Yoga class, then another spot of grocery shopping. Traffic was godawful. Went for a walk along the creek and the bay. Made an apple streusel pie (already half eaten) and a pumpkin pie, which involved first butchering the pumpkin. And don't forget fitting all this into a refrigerator that had to have one shelf removed yesterday to accommodate the turkey. Then bibliofile toasted the pumpkin seeds by a process previously unknown to me of first boiling them in salted water. While the pies were in the oven, a couple of little fits of mending, and three loads of laundry. Prepped the bread dressing for tomorrow, and made a little frittata, out of miscellaneous stuff from the fridge (sauteed onion, some little boiled purple potatoes, braised endive, some grated goat cheddar and mozzarella and free-range organic eggs). By which time I was more than ready to sit down for quite some time. But I cleared a lot of stuff out of the living room so now we all have room to put our feet on the coffee table.

Meanwhile, Number One Son was driving down from Eau Claire in the rain. He arrived (just as Mr S was out and in and out again to borrow a big roasting pan from Frenkels down the street which I understand fits our particular variety of turkey just right) with another three loads of laundry, just for me, because he knows how much I like doing his laundry, and he was very happy to polish off the frittata with a big salad and bit of French bread. General mayhem ensued. While we watched our usual Criminy Minds show to maintain normalcy. Naturally there's a party somewhere of his friends from high school, so he's off again until late. Mr S has procured brake parts, to work on Number One Son's car tomorrow, in thanksgiving, of course. The cat is possibly confused by having so many people to look after -- it's exhausting. I agree.
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Daily, kind of

1212 words today.

Yesterday I was ridiculously busy, and wore myself out. (I did write some stuff in longhand, but it doesn't get counted until I key it in, so maybe this is not a complete lapse in dailyness, depends on whether you let an excuse like that slide.) I had a walk over to the credit union and talked to a nice man there about interest rates, and then since I was near Fraboni's I went in and found some interesting groceries (best pizza sauce in town, and some little thin pizza crusts I thought I'd try, Italian sausages, and marinated artichoke salad). Then bibliofile was going to take Joan to the airport, so I met her at the house which was really kind of on the way home, and I met Joan's cat and that of course all took longer than one might expect. Then as long as we were on that side of town, there were more errands, and we went to another grocery store and found more interesting groceries. And when I got home I baked a pumpkin almond cake from Ye Olde Familie NYT Health Foods Cookbook recipe, kind of, with some changes which my years of experience authorize me to make. Mr S was already home after burning prairie, and had to go to the grocery store himself although I am not sure why. Then I made a pizza and salad, and pretty much fell over. Today I finished reading Angela's Ashes, had a walk over to Monroe Street to pick up more library books and more groceries (very fancy Trader Joe's organic oatmeal, and golden raisins, and grated goat-mozzarella which is a product I have never seen before! yay pizza!).

So I wish I wasn't still so tired, but I'm ready to lie down and watch the news again now. Must. Make. Dinner. First. The days are just packed.
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Meandering and various

Happy to see everyone here has been carrying on with life, the universe and all. Comments, maybe later.

The cat is lying as usual on the sofa in a strangely golden light. It's because the maple outside the big window has grown closer to the house over the last twenty years, and this autumn instead of turning abruptly dark red and green and brown has had plenty of time to turn mostly yellow. Collapse )