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How Do I Rule

1. Still the jock of my Yoga for Chronic Pain class. Not practicing a lot, but after my walk I lie down and stretch at least minimally. Is that all it takes? apparently.

2. Still walking every day. Today, warm and sunny, another barefoot walk. Number One Son convinced me to walk more barefoot because, jeez, I have callouses even inside my shoes. As it gets warmer I try every sandal and shoe in my possession to find something that will replace boots (wearing out) and walking shoes (likewise ready for replacement). There is no shoe I can wear without socks that will not give me blisters within a couple of miles. Today I started out in flipflops and took them off after I got past the gravel alley and the coffeeshop. Lots of nice grass out there already. I don't walk as fast, but there is nothing for staying in the moment like bare feet on the ground.

3. Finished e-filing taxes when I got home.

4. At one and the same time, I was reviewing inventories of the calligraphic artwork I've taken to the OddCon art show the last several years, of which I had not kept very good track. That gave me an idea for something to showcase this time, then digging it out one thing led to another and now I have stuff sorted out to hang Friday. Also prospective work for WisCon art show dug out of the files, and paperwork for Balticon (application deadline May 1). After months of doing nothing, this is some kind of improvement.

5. Sat down and read (I'm halfway through Kathy Reichs' "Bones" series which I am taking in order) until bibliofile stopped by to visit. We channeled kitty's thoughts, then cats and dogs living together -- leading (through Ghostbusters apocalyptic reference) to programming prospects on racism, sexism and social class for OddCon and WisCon. White Men in SF: Threat or Menace? It's a, it's a joke, son.

6. Hey! found sculptures on my walk! brought em home.

7. Cut narcissus from the yard for the table.

8. Made a salmon quiche for dinner. With bread and salad. Fruit later. (Fridge still overfull since Number One Son's vacation visit.) Sitting down with television now.
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I Rule (but you knew that, right?)

It was a day like any other, so I had a walk, was about to get back to writing 500 words, which of course is easy when you can get around to it, but then I collected the mail, and there was a big envelope from the Infernal Revenue Service that was not the nice slender check envelope I was expecting. Chords of doom here -- I'm sure you can hear them. The sense of panic when the IRS sends you a notice that they want several thousand dollars by the end of the month is nothing I would wish on anyone. Collapse )
new year


Taxes e-filed. Presumably this will beat tomorrow's rush, which will clog the eways. And they can send paper checks to our hot little hands this year, big ones, so there, even if the postal service does give them a deal on the postage.

Well, not really very big, but whenever they have to send any money back it's a triumph, and the feds have to give it all back to us this year, just like we were some big corporation. I don't mind contributing to the general welfare, but honestly, we are on a fixed retirement income now. Maybe I will send more of those big deductible checks this year to social justice and save the planet organizations.

Yesterday after I got back from OddCon, and had my walk, I worked on taxes for half an hour, and the end was in sight. Today after a good sleep, I got up early and before he left (it's another good day for burning) Mr S said I might as well file. I have spent a couple hours all told, printing and reviewing, finding and filling in some incomprehensible investment report I had forgotten, and wandering the program for explanation of mysterious numbers that turned up in the state return (my tuition credit from ceramics class). It is a source of wonder to me every day that I spend on this, and every year, that even with a degree in accounting I still find this stuff so impenetrable. I got A's in my accounting classes too, I'm no dummy. Another class of written documentation whose writers should be forced to do live readings of their prose. Tax accounting is far, far worse than any consumer electrical goods programming documentation.

I was thinking we might have to succumb to taking our stuff to an up-to-date tax accountant next year, because Mr S' Social Security is about to kick in which changes everything. But when it comes down to it, the most complicated stuff I do is my own Schedule C for art income and expense, which I would have to do anyway to get it done right and that is what holds up the whole show. My own conflicts about the value of my work make me delay with getting it started.

Then it makes me so mad, that you can't do the simplest things without a specialist to fill in the form for you. I was mad about this twenty years ago, when I was fresh on the details, and it has gotten steadily worse, with smaller print and more lines. The references to form numbers come so thick and fast, every line of the 1040 is a nexus in the hypertext of laughably bad prose, which is so bad it is obviously purposefully designed to make people feel stupid, not to say disenfranchised. It would be comic if it wasn't so deadly serious, both to the most of us who can't afford Mr Bush's war, and to the profiteers who are raking it in, instead of spending on medical research, or education, or prenatal care. That's why I have to do it fifteen minutes at a time. Even with the friendly tax program, it gets more convoluted every year, and the government, OUR government I'd like to point out again, is wholesaling paranoia and mystification perforce to the entire population.

Time for walkies.