Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen (maryread) wrote,
Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen

It's me J!!!

Doing a little virtual housekeeping today. Okay a major spring cleaning is in order. I don't know why I downloaded this LJ app to phone during WisCon, but now that I've reminded myself of password, this is way friendlier than the last iteration I tried.
Although picking out letters with my forefinger is, sigh, what we have come to, here in the future.
I was at WisCon last weekend, and am not going to write about those adventures with my forefinger.
I have a couple pages of list, detailing all the stuff I could do to wheel my ancient tech engines into place. Lists are a thing I like to make. I have got over thinking I am going to do all those things. I am at the Cargo cafe now but when I get back to a bigger interface, I mean to post a new user photo here, of the new me.
I have been full of ideas lately, and that is good.

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