Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen (maryread) wrote,
Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen

How to Make Delicious Rice 'n' Stuff

Dice small red onion, celery stalk, and half a tomato.
In large saute pan, saute these in 2 T corn oil on high heat.
Assemble from leftovers in fridge:
1/2 cup diced chicken breast
1/4 cup cooked ground beef
2 hot dogs thinly sliced (leaving one (1) in packet for kitty, who likes them lately)
1 cup meat chili with beans
Add these to pan, mix together, lower heat. Cover to warm. Then add
3 cups cooked brown & wild rice (prepared with beef stock)
1-1/2 cup white rice from takeout box
1/2 cup water
Cover closely and steam 10 minutes.
Turn & stir so it browns but not burns until water is taken up.
Drizzle with fanciest olive oil available.

Next time I might start with bacon.
Or add an egg.
Some kind of nuts?

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