Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen (maryread) wrote,
Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen

Still walking, in spite of myself

So I should be sleeping, clearly, it being the wee hours, and yoga class bright and early tomorrow morning. Fortunately my driver is getting plenty of sleep. Kitty is sitting next to me on sofa trying to show me how it's done. Unfortunately my stomach has gone way bad and I don't seem to be able to get enough ginger to fix that. Maybe tums. Next step is to try the lying-on-floor-with-legs-up-the-wall inverted pose which Susie (the yoga teacher) has recommended for calming the body and nerves.

It is horrible that by the time I start feeling generally okay, it is evening and I am sitting on the sofa. Watching CSI, or whatever. Then when I get up in the morning feeling stiff and sore again it takes hours for my body to start feeling reasonably human, after the various drugs I am taking get carefully balanced. And damn I am just takin my prescriptions and then taking more until I am actually functional again. I'd complain about the weather rolling through except it's so lovely, eighty degrees every day while the squill and snowdrops and crocusses and early daffodils cautiously get to blooming. And what is anyone going to to about it anyway.

Walking every day is not a total piece of cake under these conditions (have I told you about My Condition?), so I'd like some martyr points for keeping up with that too. Like, at least I haven't started seriously considering a wheelchair or scooter, although having a comfy chair available at all times would be awfully nice. I've cut back on the pace a bit, just to be comfortable. In general I like the adventures I have every day on my walk. Like seeing where the groundhog lit off for across the back alley, which is under a shed a couple houses down. The canada goose catching up with his fellows at surprising speed as they call back and forth across the neighborhood. Whistling to the cardinals, even though some of them seem to have new versions of the old traditional calls. I've planted some seeds in pots under the cold frame, so we'll see what comes of that.

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