December 27th, 2007

new year

Not all who wander are lost, but some of us are definitely off track

Two days into newly jiggered medication regimen, I am thinking maybe I could handle a ceramics class again this spring. I have designs left over from before, something new in mind*, and I never made the Tang horsie I wanted. It would get me out of the house besides for the walk, and I would see people besides at yoga where we don't talk. This is possibly a stupid idea considering how exhausted I have been, I have blown off holiday cards and lights, three apa deadlines in a row and arranging travel for the next Potlatch, all of which are things I ordinarily enjoy.

Also I look around and notice that every surface in the basement lair is covered with three inches of papers and stuff. The paths are growing narrower. When did that happen? Since daylight savings time ended, I think. All those little lists and fifteen minuteses of the last year entirely buried again.

*Some years ago I made one ceramic hobbit-song bathroom plaque, but in the shower this morning I was thinking what a fine thing I could make of another. Sing Ho! for the Bath! As seasonal entertainment Number One Son has got us all watching The Lord of the Rings extended videos, which remind me of all the cool Tolkien wall pieces I have made, thinking of new and improved ones, and the Entsong series I never got properly started on. Mr S likes the documentary videos attached, especially the prop weapons forge (not so much the costume shop) although not being a fan he is not so much interested in the extra long movies. Last night we watched The Two Towers, and I remembered at the graveyard scene with Theoden and his son that it came out the year our neighbor's daughter Lizette died and hit me very hard that way. Timebinding: that was 2002.