December 23rd, 2007

new year

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Today it is actually too cold to walk outside. Still below twenty, and a stiff wind. Altho Number One Son seems to be planning to go sledding. Maybe I'll make just a turn around the block now that the afternoon is at its peak, to avoid the hoo-hah of going to the mall to walk.

I have successfully avoided any holiday shopping or associated crowds or traffic this year. On my customary weekly grocery shopping, midweek midday at Hilldale, I also bought socks for Mr S (Smartwool, which we are both crazy about, and he has picked out the gray hiking style he wants a weeks' worth of) and several weeks ago I got a book for Number One Son (His Dark Materials in a single volume, which I cleverly read to the end before wrapping just now, since he is interested in seeing the Golden Compass movie and I am even more interested in how far the movie varies from the books). The other thing I am getting for Mr S, as is now customary, is No Shopping. That means he doesn't have to do any.

Yesterday a friend of his from the shop (the one who has trucks that sometimes need new dump boxes or whatever) came to the door with the customary fruit basket. It was really a huge one this time, with grapes the size of small plums, and cheese and summer sausage. So we have lots of apples and pears and kiwis besides the daily grapefruit. Mr S missed him as he was out at Spring Green cutting cedar all day, and nearly had a tree fall on his head. Kind of a glancing blow, when he could finally hear the shouting through his protective helmet and earmuffs while chainsawing, and since it was his norwegian head as he said no harm done. "You can't collect the insurance this time," was the first thing he said in his call on the way home.

If Number One Son is going to be watching television in the middle of the day, though -- particularly football -- I am going to be reading less and checking my email here, possibly posting more frequently than I have in the last few weeks. At least while he is here this week. (He is staying through Friday for my birthday, but his house and room and bed in Eau Claire are all rather larger than here.) I have got him started reading John Courtney Grimwood's Arabesk trilogy though which keeps him quiet enough for reading and writing. Last night we watched Batman Begins which I thought we hadn't seen but then remembered we had, and then The Time Machine which was pretty cool, although the star was a bit too chiseled for my taste.

Still hate my basement studio. Still not queen.