November 2nd, 2007

new year

Follow the money

We were watching some of the idiotic debate about issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Like sensible people are going to sign up to be deported, or jailed as terrorists! The surreal proposal that trusting innocents? or evildoers? will present passports from their countries of origin to acquire state ID. Right. Then dawning realization, who benefits? The insurance companies, hoping to sell auto insurance to newly licensed drivers.
new year


My favorite new teevee show is Life, Wednesday evenings, detective show about ex-con policeman who got philosophy while he was doing time, was then exonerated, with a big cash settlement, and is nonetheless back on the job. Was he framed? duh, but why? who? and how far does the conspiracy extend? (Must propose Facebook TV Trivia questions -- attention team.)

Will the show last long enough for us to find out, unlike the cool heist show that sank after a handful of episodes, or the crazed detective played by Jeff Goldblum who discussed cases with the victims' ghosts? (Has anyone else noticed how ghosts are taking over the television dramas? it must be a new fangled cheap effect.)

"Someone's gonna die!" yells a panicky evildoer. Detective Crews is unperturbed in his monklike serenity.

"Yeah, quite a lot of people actually; everyone eventually." Disarming.

Like K-Pax, to Charlie Crews the fruit alone is worth the trip.

I am watching the Friday night vampire private eye on Moonlight -- which is no Moonlighting -- but it's a mess, disappointing really.