September 30th, 2007

new year

Where was I?

Yesterday, Eau Claire. We drove up for an afternoon rugby game, and just about halfway there instead of temperatures in the seventies (like the southern half of the state for the Badgers game) we got sheets of rain, temperatures in the fifties and a strong southwest wind. This made the game something of an endurance trial for the fans as well as the players. Collapse )

Then for reasons I am still unclear on, Mr S insisted on driving back to Madison, instead of finding a nice hotel room with cable tv. Three hours on the freeway, in the dark, and an hour and a half of that in silence. No scenery, he was not talking, I was sore and tired, with every highway seam bouncing up my hips and into my lower back, wondering why men stereotypically think it's such an imposition on them to make conversation so that one can hardly object without fulfilling the other half of the stereotype; hoping maybe he would fail as usual to read the road signs and we might end up thrillingly on the wrong side of the state. I was not having fun anymore.

When we got back I lay down and watched some videotapes. The cat hardly noticed we had been gone. But she did come in and pee on the bed in the middle of the night. I have had a bad day, in spite of the lovely weather. On the whole I would rather be in LaCrosse, watching the river flow. Must get out of this basement.