August 21st, 2007

new year

Hey, it worked

Some of you may have heard about the Wisconsin Calligraphers' Guild, which I have been a member of since 1985 when we first had a booth on the Art Fair On the Square. And then how I was on the board, and how I got out of that, but continued working on the art fair program.

A few of you may have been subject to one of my rants about how some people can start an organization and then when it wants to toddle off under somewhat different management, put their hooks in, warn off any board members who might want to pursue their own programs, and keep the chile at home in the basement. Well, okay, maybe I haven't put it exactly like that before. But you get the idea. It's just an example; as a cultural worker in the nonprofit mines, I have others.

This last weekend, on top of sending off Number One Son to college again, and working through my own somewhat fragile emotional issues, I got an email from puzzled Art Fair associate who had been out of town (summer art fairs you know) and received a letter in the mail from the Guild board saying they were effectively suspending their sponsorship of our group art fair booth, and that they were sending a letter to the Madison Art Center running the fair to say so. Basically because we hadn't turned a profit this year. It was our worst sale in oh, fifteen years, and I had sent them my Income & Expense report on it. I avoided the issue for two days, kinda busy, but yesterday on my walk got myself into a fine state over it. I called one of the other art fair group, Marcia, who was just home from vacation, and spoiled her happy vacation buzz by riling her up too.

She gave me just enough of a reality check (thanks Marcia) that I was able to fire off an extremely angry but short & restrained email to everyone who has been involved in the booth over the last few years, including a couple members of the WCG board -- a somewhat smaller group than the art fair group I might note, now that I have a response with all the board members copied in. Cause I got a response.

They had already sent the torpedo letter to the Art Center, cause they didn't get a response from us in ten days (in mid-August, right) but now they have sent another saying Hold Everything while we have an annual membership meeting. I guess a nonprofit has to have one of those every five or ten years when it says so in the By-Laws. I am not best pleased that the Madison Art Center is thus subjected to the unprofessional political bullshit in a teensy nonprofit association that calls itself a Guild, but it wasn't my day to watch it. I spose I'll have to go to the membership meeting now too, and I had sworn off those sometime in the early nineties, when I got into fandom.