August 4th, 2007

new year

The continuing adventures

Yesterday was more exciting that strictly necessary. I went to Milwaukee on the bus to show & tell Chris what I had been doing at conference, and we had a great lunch. But at the same time it developed that Number One Son is coming home early from Ecuador, and had to rearrange his flights, and will be here Monday if all goes well. With all the attendant cellphone contacts and extra worrying (I really worked myself into a state on the bus home), this was so much excitement that I didn't sleep well.

So I have been pretty low energy today, very sore. Probably something to do with the rain that has finally come in too. At least I keep falling asleep every time I sit down to read. This is good. I am reading Clive James' new book, and started the Princess of Roumania. At conference I discovered that reading Beaumarchais in French at bedtime overtaxes my brain enough to put me to sleep. Maybe that has been the trouble with novels: too easy to stay up all night.

Routine breakfast, even if it was late. Routine walk, even if I was tired. I had a crockpot-dinner actually in the pot in the fridge, so dinner was extremely low-input (with sweet corn and salad, and I got Mr S to peel the corn). Routine load of laundry, which was actually folded while we watched stupid tv. Not even the energy to put in a video, that's bad! Here was all I did for art today: I picked out a marbled endpaper, for a little book I am recovering, that I am going to paint the cover to match. Routines are good.

It is good Number One Son will be back to help us eat all these vegetables. We got behind with the box while I was gone, and today got another.

New hobby: trimming the painfully matted fur off of kitty, with tiny scissors, a handful at a time. Her whole hinder needs clipping, as well as her tummy if she will let me, but the sections of hacked-off ends disappear under the rest of her fuzz. Mr S has been keeping up with brushing her back every day, but I found a fine wooden comb that doesn't rip into her matted areas like the wire brush does. I don't think we want to give her the trauma of clippers. She seems happy to have us groom her, and it seems to encourage her when she had practically given up on it herself (she is mostly fur after all). At least she doesn't run away, and lets me pick her up, and doesn't need too much holding down, and comes back to sit with us later.