July 18th, 2007

new year

In recovery again

Last weekend was the Art Fair On the Square. I may have mentioned. It took over all life as we know it. At the same time, Number One Son was flying to Ecuador, and there were some little problems with the flights and planned rendezvous which required innumerable cellphone calls, and the kind intervention of my Cuban family to the rescue when he was stranded in Miami overnight. So, not much sleep, which I have put on a list to take care of this week. So far so good.

Also I am well through half of the list I made up of bookkeeping items, which I listed in some detail because the bookkeeping in general is otherwise such an overwhelming task. At the moment, printing out the receipt register. Today I worked on the deposit, which means (in detail): endorse all checks, add them on tape register, add cash and fill out deposit slip, type all local addresses from checks for future customer mailing list, drive through deposit at Anchor where I have that dedicated account (which was on my way to yoga class, and I actually got out the door in plenty of time). Also, corrected errors on income/expense report, and printed copies for everyone. (Then after grocery shopping on the way home, I lay down and read a novel for most of the afternoon. The weather outside is just beastly.) I am getting down to actually writing the checks and putting them in envelopes, after another bit of a deposit (drive across town etc) which is necessitated because the person who handles the charge account has to send me some money to cover these disbursements. This is all getting up on four hours of billable time at this point, if I were not an unpaid and highly skilled volunteer. Retired volunteer now, as I may have mentioned.

Did I mention I made not very much money. This is usual. On the other hand there was an extremely positive response to the new piece I finished painting and framed last Friday, and I had the satisfaction of telling a dozen people that I didn't have smaller prints of it because I had just finished it the day before. So I will certainly keep on doing what I do. This has had such an excellent effect on my attitude, I should have retired years ago.

I have another list of the things I am doing to prepare for the international calligraphers' conference in British Columbia next weekend, which starts with "Post on LJ about the teachers I am studying with, map, etc". I have dumped all the basic suitcase contents into the one big one I plan to take, and packed less than half the art supply type things I will be taking. This should actually be fun, other than the getting up at two in the morning to make my flights on Saturday, and making various plans, back-up plans, and emergency plans to avoid fatigue collapse in the course of the week.

Also must write minac apazine this week. Go lie down now.