July 12th, 2007

new year

Good condition! (biscuit later)

Is it only Thursday? The terrible teevee schedule of re-runs has me entirely disoriented. Also it seems like it should be Friday, because I have got all the inventory work ready for the Art Fair On the Square Saturday that I usually wouldn't finish until the last minute, all the listing and pricing and labeling and putting things in boxes. So my big idea for tomorrow is to actually put a tiny bit more paint on one of the new pieces I made in Charles' class and cut a mat for it and slap it in a frame. This may or may not happen. I am just keeping on keeping on. Walking, reading, eating properly, reducing caffeine, it is all very complicated.

Oh yes and I have to do a short run of new business cards, which so far I have photoshopped to the point where I have to put text on them. The big new information is that my calligraphic paintings can be seen at Indigo Coffee & Tea (300 S Main St) in Verona, Wisconsin, which is a nice little coffeehouse-gallery. I drove out and met with the owner this afternoon, gave her four big Shakespeare pieces and promised to change them for something else in the end of August, oh yeah if they don't sell. But one can hope. I have a consignment contract with her for a year. I had been thinking I would like to hang my stuff in a coffeehouse, and then Ms Indigo emailed me because she is looking for local artists and she liked what she saw in the Open Art Studios website. She has all Fair Trade coffee too, so I am happy. Happy happy.

Just being able to drive myself, and make sensible conversation in such a situation, it was a good good day, way better than normal.