July 10th, 2007

new year

The behinder I get

Sunday we were out at American Players Theatre to see the Dickens In America one-man show, with James Ridge as Dickens, which was most excellent. Made me want to go read more Dickens, probably The Pickwick Papers, to check out the inception of the serial format as Literature with the capital L. The text was written by Jim DeVita based on Dickens' letters, as well as passages from the books. The murder scene from Oliver Twist is as sensational as any modern television show, and his good-natured humor bears some study.

Today I am just trying to keep up with laundry and other routine stuff, walked over to the pharmacy for new vitamins, worked on the floors a bit, and in the general direction of separate packing for (a) a few things to hang at Verona coffeehouse when I can get out there tomorrow or the next day, (b) Art Fair on the Square this next weekend, for which you may remember I am not making any special effort, and (c) packing art supplies etc for trip to calligraphy conference in British Columbia a week from Saturday. Buncha stuff happening, all of which needs different posts I guess.

Anyhow, the new vitamins were because I have been reading this book that kateschaefer and Mr H (INOLJ?) recommended to me back at WisCon, about sugar sensitivity. Potatoes Not Prozac suffers a bit from the popular-science pitch the title promises, but I have found its discussion of the dietary interactions of sugar metabolism, serotonin and endorphin very helpful. This kind of thing has been discussed many times over the years, as in Sugar Blues, Feed Your Kids Right, The Serotonin Solution, etc, and I am already doing like five out of seven of the things the author suggests, so much is review. Her background is in running programs for alcoholics, though, and she relates a lot of the difficulties we have with our insanely sugar-rich food system to alcohol addiction. Like, that little impulse-control problem that pops up when you really know you shouldn't be eating the entire box of cookies -- it's a symptom in itself of how messed up your nervous system may be.

I had kind of backed off of the food diary lately, partly out of boredom. Now I am getting it going again, with some changes, more in the direction of actual diary commentary instead of calorie counting. This author suggests that you spend a week or so noting not only what you eat, but how you feel both physically and emotionally at the time. So I think I am going to include also my pain medication (which has some interaction with endorphin system) and caffeine consumption, and see how that goes.
new year

We got shades, a black SUV, and a full tank of gas

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYesterday we drove up north to Eagle River and back. Yeah, it's not actually as far as you probably think because there is a fast four-lane highway straight north most of the way, little more than three hours each way even with a stop. The interesting twist was that we had to take a trailer along, and tow Number One Son's new car home, because of a little problem he was having with the transmission when he went up to vacation a bit with his roommate from college. Collapse )