July 3rd, 2007


Weekend study group

As it turned out I did pack for the weekend. I had three bags, and a tackle box of art supplies, which was only slightly excessive. Didn't get there until noonish, and we had regular breaks for food and refreshments. Wore myself out anyway, just sitting at the desk for two days. We all went out to dinner (with spouses and Number One Son) at Firefly Saturday night, which was fun.

I had the one project to finish, and I did. Actually it was three mixed-media pieces for The Box, which is our collaborative project, and I had started these watercolors of amaryllis back in January and never finished them and now they are done and distributed, one for each of us, which is how The Box project works. Watercolor and pencil, and then a bunch of collage. Marcia gave both of us a really nice little tiny Winsor & Newton compact palette set with brush, the kind she has been raving about after she takes it on vacation for how many years, and it really is fine. Also I drafted some documentation for The Box, which is getting full. We had never really dated or described it since we started, and now are somewhat uncertain exactly when we did begin the project, probably early 2002 although I have found no certain confirmation of that yet.

Then I was making mock-ups for an artist book of photos, and had to try several different structures of the myriads possible, which resulted in three rather nice little books, illustrated with frostpaintings and one painted, only without any words in them, and no covers yet. Will post photos when I get to it.

On my walk today I was thinking of putting scripture in one of them -- it has some lilies collaged in, so the passage about lilies of the field is a natural choice, possibly a little too glib (but it's my western judeo-christian cultural heritage too and not just for the properly saved, altho I confess I am rather a fellow traveler with the Jesus mob). Also today I've been sorting out the folders of miscellaneous quotations that I have collected into subject files, so maybe that will produce some words to fit.
new year


I was writing an LJ entry earlier today, but then other things happened. For one thing I finally cleaned the floors, which needed it very badly, and put the throw rugs in the wash, and folded three loads of laundry which included all the towels in the house except for several that Number One Son had in his room.

Then I came downstairs and instead of all the other things I had thought I would do, it seemed like I spent all day getting my computer virus protection straightened out. But it was only like three hours. Software update detected the !earlier version!! and went on red alert, many passes at installation, who am us again? many system boots, very slow, the usual waste of time. All systems go now.

While I was waiting on the technical chat line to India I sorted out the remaining Miscellaneous folder of quotations into subject files, so the time was spent fairly pleasantly. I found some things to toss, some duplicates and projects that had been buried. But I didn't get my walk until five in the afternoon.

On the way home Mr S took me by the church on the corner to inspect the fiasco they've made of remodeling the wheelchair ramp, with the entry stair leading up to a slanted surface that is clearly a trip hazard, and slants clear up to the door which won't give the wheelchair users anywhere flat to open the door. If only Mr S had been around when they poured the cement, he could have explained accessibility standards to the workmen. It's all concrete so we expect once the building inspectors get around to see it we will have the music of jackhammers for the rest of the summer. It will be interesting to see how they fix it. Found a very cool patterned piece of vinyl wallpaper in the dumpster there too.

After that I made a little beef & vegetable stir-fry (peapods, summer squash, red pepper, onion), and we watched the NewsHour and an NCIS rerun. Then I was feeling revived enough to go grocery shopping, and Mr S drove me over to Sentry which looked like it was closed, although it was only as usual under construction. We shared the surreal experience I have recently been enjoying there of shopping in a construction site. They have moved many things around, built huge new aisles devoted to frozen pizza, and the fine chocolates have disappeared.