June 7th, 2007

new year

Footbone connected to the stepping bones

The recycle box is getting a little bit of paper in it. But I fear most of it is just getting reshuffled. The four-and-a-half-inch stack of originals of my zine Alphabet Obsession for instance, for which I found a manuscript-sized shoebox that goes on the shelf, underneath the current manuscript-sized box I throw a hard copy into every so often. Makes a bit of room in the drawer tho.

Found an inch-thick file folder labeled WRITE THIS, full of handwritten notes. Some of them are notes from cons, which are going into the files for those particular conventions, which makes as much sense as anything; and some are things I had forgotten I already drafted, which is pleasant. The rest clearly go into the wire basket labeled WRITE in the box under the desk, while I think about exactly how likely I am to use those ideas and for what. It's right next to the recycle box, so it could be I'm getting closer.

Instead of actually writing anything today (other than blog entry for Cerebral Rose), I researched some interesting stuff online about cortisol metabolism -- all the ways chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are related to the adrenal glands being screwed up, and what to do about it.

I think stopping caffeine will probably be more useful to me than this non-nightshade diet I've been attempting, that is much bother with no apparent effect. Cause I know my daily caffeine habit (however minor) is contraindicated for the sleep disorder thing, which is connected to the muscular fatigue thing, which is connected to the lethargy which is connected to disappointment of not Getting more Things Done, now hear the word of the lord! Headbone connected to the neckbone, and I understand a daily program of deep relaxation is also likely to relieve that pain in the neck. Had my walk, so it's time for yoga now.