June 5th, 2007

new year

Sorting through interesting times

The way I learned when growing up to handle my stuff, particularly paper, was that every time I moved I had to go through everything and pare it down and throw stuff away and organize the rest, to pack it into boxes. Drawers all had to be emptied, boxes culled. That worked fine as long as I was moving every year or two.

Then I moved into this house, in 1987.

Some of the folders I am looking in now have very very old stuff in them. For instance, I don't think I'm going to be needing instructions from 1990 on internet library database searches. Some of the book reviews, on the other hand, are for books I would still like to read. That new translation of Swann's Way etc reviewed in the NY Times Book Review a few years ago, for another instance, maybe the whole seven volumes will be finished by the time I get around to it, and this contemporary review (2004) will have gained historical interest (I see on the back, the imperial presidency was only three years old at the time and already understood to be catastrophic). You must now imagine three four-drawer file cabinets, a large stack of boxes, and more than one bookcase full of items like this. Also photographs. Also short stories. Pomes. Notes for same. Et cetera, et cetera.