May 9th, 2007

new year

Random landscape

This is the opened-up cover of my new food diary. I wanted lined paper with skinny lines and what I had on hand was yellow with blue lines (looseleaf paper I trimmed) so I found a piece of paste paper I painted some time ago that looked good with that. I tried a new binding out of Diehn's The Decorated Journal that involves sewing the signatures pamphlet-style directly through the cover, but I don't like how they are lined up because the holes cut through the paper right in a row. This is four signatures (each five sheets, folded making eighty pages) and you can see the tails of the pale green embroidery floss I used to sew them. Glued in pale green ribbon marker between the sheets of the cover. Arches text wove in two layers, so it's a lightweight little cover. Then I put some gilding on the front, the little sun shape, which looks kind of dark in the scan, but it's 23k gold.

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