May 7th, 2007

new year


on my walk i found a picket fence in sections leaning against a signpost, on the curb with fenceposts and all, that someone was throwing out. not that the garbage truck would pick it up like that, but still. it was a good five feet tall, nine six-foot sections and eight posts.

this was not lumber strictly speaking since it had been made into something, and there were no odd bits left over, but it was scrap. lumber as a noun used to mean household clutter, like in the story (saki?) "the lumber room", but now lumber means milled wood. (lumber as a verb is a way of moving heavily, something to do with clumsy and cloddish. not to be confused with lumbar which is the lower spine. but i digress.)

i called mr spouse on cellphone, he called zeke who it turned out wanted a garden fence for mrs zeke to keep the deer and bunnies out of her garden. mr s went with truck and loaded it all up, to the delight of the people who were trying to get rid of it, and now it is a fence kit. not scrap.

finding ways to make discarded pieces fit together is most satisfying to me. piecework with fabric. collage. paper pulp from trash. our old grill, that we put on the curb when we found a different old grill, now has new owners cooking out with it two doors down.

this is also how i write, which is more a matter of fitting interesting things together and rearranging until i am pleased than a linear process with a logical conclusion.