April 30th, 2007

new year

Dinkin around

Today I am going for a walk. Fortunately for the next three weeks I have nothing to do except rest up, other than conquer the world as usual Pinky. If I am sensible when I get back from the walk I will lie on the sofa and read Love and Death in the American Novel which is fabulous -- why did no one ever tell me to read this before? Also I have Hugo-nominated short stories to make notes on, before they have to go back to the library tomorrow.

I tried putting all my schools into my LJ profile. But it seems many of them have changed names, so I have had to sleuth around with Mapquest. For instance, Zervas is not at all the same thing as Beethoven School (Newton Massachusetts) and I feel sort of silly putting it in, but there it is on the map off Beacon St around from our old address. And then some of them have disappeared, like Alexander Hamilton School in Binghamton NY, to which I took the bus, and the Roseman Campus School in Whitewater WI. I requested that LJ add a couple of these that I know are still there, by crossreference to Mapquest, or simply for historical reasons, but then there are some that I don't actually recall the locations for, like the ones where I was small and driven (yah) and didn't go there much more than a month, in Norman OK and Wichita KS. And then some have actually moved, like Abraxas which is now in Poway instead of San Diego, and has a street address, instead of being so peripatetic as when I was there, before the beginning. Everyone with LJs that reference Abraxas are cut right out when I put in a delimiting date.

All these places at least have maps available online now, and sometimes historical information but not usually for exactly what I want. Pure research. I wonder now what happened to the public library in Binghamton where I used to check out the limit of ten books at least once a week, which from my school (Jefferson) was a long walk past the park with the carousel. A long walk, but my legs were short. I wonder what happened to the carousel.