April 29th, 2007

new year


Where was I? oh yes I made that magnificent and up-to-the-minute post about the weekend in Charles' class. Was that just last weekend? gah. I am still exhausted at the moment. In fact I haven't even answered my phone messages from a week ago (phone messages being one of the things I tend to put off indefinitely). I had a couple doctor appointments, and then one last yoga class before another two-week break. And I did some Art but at this point ??????

Oh yes that was when I was pasting in my collage journal to finish off March. And high time, you may think. But the week was just packed. Collapse )
And here is where I would like to post some of the photos I took, and an even more multimedia presentation, cause I took a recording of the burbling stream, besides all the native wildflowers and towering sandstone-conglomerate cliffs, but it will take hours to sort all that out. Yesterday we went to the garden store, so I have nasturtium seeds to plant and bedding flowers for my planters and herbs for under the peach tree (which I should mention is in blossom, as is the pawpaw). But I haven't had my walk yet, and am not getting any less tired.

I should mention how I have had it up to HERE with people who clearly think I must be malingering because I don't look sick. If I felt better I would be weeding and planting and picking up trash around the neighborhood on my walk. Instead I feel like lying down after a long and strenuous day, and I just got up from eight hours' solid sleep for gods sake.