April 10th, 2007

new year

"so quite a new thing"

olivia_circe was mentioning it being not only National Poetry Month but also Love Your Body Month, both of which should be every month, but oh well. She was going to put another e.e. cummings pome in her journal but went for Byron instead, so I have scanned and uploaded the cummings myself. This, and "since feeling is first" are two of the very first things I wrote out In Calligraphy, and I am not going to excuse please the bookhand which I am much better at after twenty hum years of study and practice, but here is it for your viewing um pleasure.

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new year

"skillfully stuffed memories"

As my lurkers point out in email, that last e.e. cummings pome is about sex. He made me start reading poetry in high school (buffalo bill's defunct) and stop using my old friends, Standard Punctuation and Capitalization. After doing without them entirely for a while, one learns quite a lot about their possible uses. When I was in college I found in the basement stacks of Memorial Library cummings' The Enormous Room about where he was a prisoner in France when he had been an ambulance driver in the WW1 (instead of staying in school so he could get a good job have lots of money and be able to buy all the nice things around him). By the time I started learning calligraphy, and practicing on my old favorites, I had other new e.e. cummings favorites. His lectures i; six nonlectures are also fun.

(Dammit something has to be done about these books, I have lost my Complete Collected. (Did I ever have the cummings complete doorstop, or was that just a fond fantasy? I recall craving it in college when I didn't have the twenty bucks.) (And the old lettering projects, sometimes they surface in the file they are supposed to be in, and sometimes not.) Fortunately here is a backup anthology to check the punctuation and spacing.)

it is so long since my heart has been with yours

shut by our mingling arms through
a darkness where new lights begin and
since your mind has walked into
my kiss as a stranger
into the streets and colours of a town--

that i have perhaps forgotten
how, always(from
these hurrying crudities
of blood and flesh)Love
coins His most gradual gesture,

and whittles life to eternity

--after which our separating selves become museums
filled with skilfully stuffed memories

e. e. cummings
new year

Nature notes

1. At the coffeeshop the baristas now apparently identify me with the Snowy Owl that I told them about, when I saw it in the alley behind the store. Told the whole story again for one of the new kids. I am a regular (twelve ounce medium roast to go), with a pink umbrella, a fuschia colored coat and snowy hair, and I am having some very Good Hair Days.

2. The beavers are hellbent on damming up Wingra Creek. Collapse )