April 5th, 2007

new year

Losing traction

It is taking longer than I expected to recover energy and focus after the draining of March. Apparently I haven't scheduled enough time to allow for my merely mortal capacities. I'm reading, lying down, walking, and doing yoga, and that's about it. Go make dinner now. Didn't even manage that yesterday -- we had ribs from the soul food take-out place around the corner which were very good.

Yesterday? I finished Liz Williams' The Ghost Sister, her first novel, very impressive. I can think of a few other novels with this weird of an alien viewpoint, but not many. Parts of Sheri Tepper's Grass, and the groupmind dog-animals sections in Vernor Vinge's Fire Upon the Deep. There's a paper in there, something about deep-ecology themes.

Now I'm reading Mary Gentle's 1610 which is as we say here in the future like crack. Can't put it down. (There should be more sexy musketeer swashbuckling alternate history novels.) So this morning I skipped ahead and read the ending, so that I could have a hope of getting out of the house. This does not impair my enjoyment of the parts in between, only satisfies the suspense of first reading.