April 2nd, 2007

new year


Once again, this year I have managed to put off doing my taxes, despite my best intentions and resolutions to get it done earlier. I know it is only going to take a couple more hours, but the only way I seem to be able to do it is fifteen minutes at a time. If I go on for a whole half hour, like I did this weekend when the first fifteen minutes was spent literally waiting for the software to load, I can't seem to face it again the next day. And don't tell me to take them to someone else: I might actually have to do that next year, if the retirement income sources get any more complicated, which they are likely to when Mr S' Social Security kicks in this May. But in any case I first have to complete my Schedule C for the art business income and expense, which is the thing that has been holding up the whole works since January. Honestly, who needs the minimal income that generates? Maybe I should retire too.

However I did most everything I expected of myself today. I made a certain phone call I knew I needed to make, which is always very hard for me, and it turned out to be quite a joyous occasion. I wrote a little, and typed a little, and cleaned off my desk again. I made a clever plan or two, and took a long walk, and had several good ideas that I noted down so they don't get away. Last night I finished reading a silly book, and read Alison Bechdel's brilliant Fun Home. Now I have an apple cake in the oven, and leftovers poised to make chicken curry and rice when Mr S gets home from burning prairies.

Oops! forgot to do yoga! neglected to practice Roman letters! The days are just not long enough. Maybe I can still squeeze those in before I fall over and watch television.