April 1st, 2007

new year

Happy accident

Last night we watched a fun little romantic comedy, Happy Accidents, that I found in the video store while looking for something different. It starred Vincent D'Onofrio and I am a big fan of him on Law & Order Criminal Intent which is why I picked it up. In fact we had just watched a re-run of the show, which often enough we can't recall the plots of anyway, although in this one it was just a pleasure to watch him work the classic scene where the detective reveals the killer in the drawing room to all the assembled suspects. In the movie (2001) he plays another character who is very smart and possibly somewhat crazy, but so charmingly. There is a science fictional element too, although not necessarily, which is my favorite kind, like in K-Pax.

Then we had a little flood in the basement that had to be dealt with. Usually the basement doesn't leak, only every ten years or so like with the ice dams a few winters ago, but with the torrential rain we had a little stream running across the middle of the room from under a sofa and a couple bookcases, and had to track it down and rescue boxes sitting on the floor. Nothing damaged except cardboard boxes, but I am increasingly interested in getting rid of several boxes of fanzines that no one has looked at since I filed them some years ago. Suggestions welcome.