March 30th, 2007

new year

Omnia possumus?

Is it possible that among my many other skills, I can spell in Latin? If not, someone of us should be able to correct me.

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This is what we were doing last weekend in Charles Pearce's Chicago class. Roman caps, around four inches high, based on the famous Trajan column, made with a brush, just like the guys did in classical times who were waiting for the stonecarvers to come along behind them and clean up the serifs. My favorite half-inch brush was broken, because I have used it so much it was full of acrylic paint and wouldn't come to a nice chisel point, so I had to borrow one from Marcia, even though I had brought along half the brushes in my possession and most of the larger pens. Next time I'll know better how much less of the studio I can take along. The bottom two lines were made with a new 3/8" brush -- by Sunday afternoon I was getting control.

"We cannot all do everything" but I try.