February 18th, 2007

new year

Can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench quietly

Last night I had dinner with my Cuban Lawyer who drove up from Naperville (teenage girls in tow as usual), and the Guitarist. Also continued the visit and catching-up after dinner at Steep'n'Brew, and met again for coffee this morning at Michelangelo's. (The girls Brattina and Brattinella have arrived at an age where they can go find their own food and shopping on State Street, with fairly regular phone-based supervision, and amuse themselves otherwise with calling boys incessantly.) So we hung out, like we used to twenty-hum years ago, caught up with tales of various well-grown offspring and friendly gossip of other mutual friends, and tried not to be entirely too old. Like, dinner before the rush, but not before six in the evening. Not borrowing the house glasses to read the menu or the tiny print on the check. We did however succumb to calling each other to listen to each other's ringtones, and talking about our health. Honestly, old people.

Also I turned over two reel-to-reel tapes of his performances to the Guitarist, and found a lot of interesting old photos for him, the proofsheet of photos from his master's recital for instance which were far too small for any of us to see clearly. If anyone can find a use for those tapes, it would be him. And he had copies of his CDs for both of us, which will be a nice addition to my Latin mix. Now that I've taken down the box of tapes, maybe I can figure out what to do with my old dance mixes, besides using the magnetic tape for stitching... knitting? macrame?

As a result of all this activity, in the freezing cold, with the usual walking, I am exhausted and have to go lie down now. But how am I going to write my five hundred words lying down?