February 15th, 2007

new year

A short walk

Since it is brilliantly sunny today, I actually took Mr S' advice as he was off to the gym, to walk outside. Hooray! no driving to the mall! there's a reason to get dressed and shoes and on my way. Wool socks, longies, jeans, shirt and wool sweater, down jacket, wool scarf (to pull up over my chin), gloves, big furry hat with brim, and insulated slush boots.

In the microclimate of the back door deck, on a brick wall facing south, icicles are melting and falling, and my frostpaintings have to be kept in the shade and sheltered with cardboard while they dry so they don't gain enough solar to melt and drip into puddles of gray. And the thermometer there can never be believed.

On my way down the alley to the coffee shop it developed that there is a brisk wind from the northwest. So many of the loops in my walk were truncated. Eventually my hands warmed up in my pockets, mostly due to relaxing my shoulders to improve circulation (ya tend to hunch up in this kind of weather) and yoga breathing. When I got back, shortly past noon, I just checked the thermometer on the north side of the house, in the shade. It is fifteen degrees F -- ten below C. Never mind complicated wind chill calculations for the 8 mph breeze, I'm just glad I didn't look at that before I left.
new year

It's called a vacation

So, I'm going to be in Portland March 8-20. Finally made plane reservations today, using flyer miles, and didn't have a good reason to make the return date any earlier. I could use a little more planning for that week after the Potlatch weekend. But I have confidence I will find something to amuse myself. Suggestions?

As long as I don't wear myself out. The next weekend the Chicago workshop with Charles Pearce starts.