February 14th, 2007

new year

It seems like there should be more

Today I had yoga class and then walked for an hour at the mall and then shopped for groceries and then when I got home I was wiped out and lay down and fell asleep. Then I got up and made another fabulous dinner (salmon with a smackerel of ginger and sesame oil, steamed green beans and smashed potatoes, apple-cherry streusel pie left from yesterday) and watched some teevee. So no writing today. I did just now pour some inks and watercolors on some papers and balanced the pan very flat on the snowbank on the deck so the deep freeze temperature can do all the frost painting work while I go to bed. Maybe read a bit.

Tomorrow as they say is another day. "Fail again, Fail better" as the poet said is still not the most positive way of evaluating one's efforts, if you think about it, but it does have a certain appeal to the doggedly determined.