February 11th, 2007

new year

The days are just packed

For some reason I am really tired today. It could have to do with the visit to Chicago yesterday. I may have mentioned that other than walking four to eight miles a day, I don't get out much. Yesterday involved instead sitting in a car for two hours there, and nearly three hours back (traffic); walking ten blocks or so in the north Loop (temperature somewhere under twenty, but it was nice and sunny) to get to the art supply store where I bought needed and unneeded art supplies. On the way I read to Marcia from the new Harpers which has a couple good articles about copyright and the creative commons, which as copyists in the very oldest sense of the word we both take a big interest in. Then we had lunch at the usual Panang restaurant that is only about three blocks from the Newberry on Clark St. At the Newberry we had time to look in the gallery at the calligraphy show before the slide lecture and afterwards as well, and I took notes maniacally in both. But then I was having a bit of brain fade by the time we had to get the car out of the ramp, which cost way more than it would have if we had both had more energy go back and get the ticket properly processed instead of just putting it in the machine and leaving.

When I got home, we went over to the VFW for dinner, where they were having a steak dinner as fundraiser with mostly the people from the church on the corner, which is using the VFW meeting rooms while the church gets remodeled. We sat with Gary & Pam, and it was a nice family-style event that reminded me quite a lot of the old Green Lantern eating co-op, only with Madison Lutherans instead of radical hippies. Gary is Mr S' friend down the block who goes on burns with him (they have three a week right now, burning brush piles). Pam had a calligraphy job for me, and clearly we should have spent some time together other than passing on the street over the last twenty years that we have lived practically across the street from each other. It was also a very nice tenderloin steak and baked potato. I have only been to the VFW before for retirement parties, and for the nice little dive bar down the hall.

Then we went home and I lay on the heating pad and watched Gosford Park which was very confusing in a Masterpiece Theatre kind of way, especially for Mr S who I don't think enjoyed it much, but I took great delight in the view from Downstairs in the English country house, and the naturalistic direction of Robert Altman which won all those awards a few years ago. This is part of our Helen Mirren series from the public library collection. Then I read some more (Bernard Cornwell historical fiction set in the reign of Alfred the Great, ninth century CE). Then I went to sleep and then I got up and went to the mall for a walk, and bought some groceries and came home and go figure, I'm tired. Maybe the weather is going to change. Ya think?