February 7th, 2007

new year

Go figure

My brain is working again. Damnedest thing.

Maybe it's the weather. We finally got this cold air mass straight out of Canada, and I feel better than I have in years.

You know in the story of Sleeping Beauty when everyone in the castle wakes up and goes about their business as though a hundred years haven't passed while they slept. Like that.
new year

Boskone Art Show

All my whining last month about the Boskone art show turned out to be pointless, when they emailed me last week having kindly reserved a display panel for me. So I started in on the paperwork, and today finally mailed off the box. Not a big one, just nine matted pieces, it's my first year there and first actual mail-in art show deal (although the Scottish Worldcon did turn out to work that way for me even though I was there). But there was all this fussing I had to do with prying labels off, and then re-wrapping some of them which had been sliding around in storage bins too long, and then putting new designated labels on, and listing and so forth, which took a couple hours of the afternoon. If I make my expenses I'll try it again next year. And meantime I found a couple other cons to send my stuff to. Note to self, don't put this off to the last week next time.
new year

(no subject)

In the extreme cold lately my walking has naturally enough turned into mallwalking, which completely disarranges my day around driving to the mall. I figured out that the one day I felt the mall was entirely toxic was a day when there were in fact some volatile petrochemicals in the air from the ongoing construction projects; otherwise I've been putting in my little earplugs and walking my hour round and round and round and round and round, trying not to get too caught up in the window displays and people and conversations and muzak and smells of perfumes and chocolates. Old people with walkers and toddlers just getting their legs under them. In the middle of the afternoon there's a bit of a lull after the lunch crowd. But I can tell you, I'd rather be a forest than a street, yes I would, I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet.

The other thing that is taking up most of my focus is a new writing group, thing_in_150, founded on the proposition that writing 500 words a day is easy. (Voila.) It is based on the novel_in_90 group, which was in turn based on the NaNoWriMo, which had the requirement that you write 50,000 words in thirty days, which can be rather a lot if you have many other things going on in your life. Novel In 90 only requires half that daily count, 750 words, and goes on for three times as long, and Thing In 150 has pared it down further. Also it is a bit nebulous what the Thing is that we are writing on. Different people have different Things. That is fine with me, as I have a lot of things to work on and always been a bit nebulous in my approach to forms and genres anyway. It seems to be providing me with some needed structure and support.