February 3rd, 2007

new year


Yesterday was a little fraught. I had a call Thursday night from my friend Barb, who I have written about here before, who is seriously ill and occasionally needs me to pick up her prescription meds in town and drive them an hour to get to her when her local pharmacy can't be bothered. So I was ready to drive, but she called Friday morning and hadn't been able to contact the doctor to call the pharmacist, etc, and was facing two days without her heavy-duty (and exceedingly expensive) pain meds.

Perhaps I have mentioned that she is also pretty seriously suicidal, and for good reason too, which if we lived in a reasonable country like Holland we could talk about like reasonable people. But we do not, and cannot, and unlike the many medical professionals in her life who should know better I have no duty to report her psychological condition anywhere, not even on Life Journal.

She is okay. She called in the evening, having pissed off everyone at her doctor's office and shocked the local pharmacy employees at the illegal lengths she could go to for pain relief. I told her she should make more trouble, as that is one of the few satisfactions remaining to her. In other news, she is probably going back on the IV nutrition. Two years on, one year off, what the hell, who needs food. It was an infection from the long-term IV that nearly killed her only a year ago last December.

Making my own appointment with Dr Talk now. It was a hard day.