January 31st, 2007

new year

A remembrance.

A book opening, and then turn of the page. These are from my studio journal of a few years ago. It includes a series of these black pages with white marks, that I copied from the crash photo in the newspaper which image was white on sky blue, but I felt it was the black. On this last one I wrote their names.

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new year

How to be happy

In the giant pile of papers, one of the piles is a bunch of book lists and references and reviews. I would throw them away, because I always have more, except that some of them turn out to be things I am really glad to have read once I get around to looking at them. Lately I have been reading The Pleasure Zone which is about how to be happy. Just happened across it. It has some obviously helpful suggestions, such as:

List five most memorable, happy, in-the-flow type experiences you have had. (Seems reasonable that thinking about this sort of thing might provide clues.)

(1) When Number One Son was an infant I had a couple of really good years, the best in my life.
(2) That mountain I climbed in Scotland a couple summers ago, that was a really big deal.
(3) For all its struggles, the painting workshop with Charles Pearce in 2001 was one of the best.
(4) Driving across Canada, until we hit the moose.
(5) I get flow type belonging feelings pretty regularly when I go to conventions -- that's why I keep going to them!