January 30th, 2007

new year

How embarrassing!

Today I walked at the mall, and grocery shopped (six different fruits, we are becoming fruitarians), and then it was afternoon so I went to the library to drop off a book that was due and pick up my two holds. So then I asked, what about this letter I got concerning a damaged book? Did something horrible happen to it in the drop box?

Of course they produced the book, with a big orange notice rubber-banded to the front of it. Cannot be circulated in this condition! Which is too bad because there were like 160 holds on it.

The damage is what looks like a coffee stain on the lower edge and into the spine, where it is getting a little nasty and moldy under the library plastic cover. I had noticed the staining along the bottom edge and thought, Huh, but really didn't think it was that bad, or that I had done it. For one thing, I drink most all my coffee while I am walking. Did I put it down at the coffee shop that one time I was there? no I was reading the paper there for lack of other material. Could it be cocoa? Have I had any big cocoa spills down my shirt and into my fascinating reading matter that went completely unnoticed? I don't think so!

So one thing that is embarrassing about this was trying to weasel out of the $35 charge, when I really actually didn't think I had done it. My books are very gently cared for, and I no longer even dog-ear the pages as I did in my youth but have a huge assortment of bookmarks littering the house. I am the kind of person who takes in homeless books off the curb when heartless people have left them out in the rain, even entire sets of encyclopedias. I am a book artist and have conservator's tape on hand, and know not a little about how that coffee stain might be removed if it were worth the time. So standing at the library counter telling the librarian It Wasn't Me, while she is telling me We Would Always Have Caught This Immediately, we are both actually on the same side.

But it appears I have bought myself a book, for $35, which is rather more than it would have cost anywhere else, and they don't take credit cards at the library, so I'll have to go through all of that again another time. I must look on it as a contribution to the cause.

Because the other embarrassing thing about the book was that it is a Laurell K Hamilton book, Collapse )