January 20th, 2007

new year

Distractions, plenty

Where was I.

I was writing a summary of videos I had taped about Australia. I was updating and posting to our new art blog. I was cleaning out most of two wire baskets of To Do Right Now junk that never got done. I was doing two of the nastiest looking frostpaintings ever, partly cause I didn't use all the stuff I have learned but went experimental AGAIN like I haven't made those mistakes before.

On Wednesday I was broiling three or four pounds of grassfed organic beefsteaks for Number One Son's birthday, also cooked & tailed & quickly sauteed with garlic two pounds of shrimp, also big salad, and rice pilaf, and made an apple pie. I was waving goodbye when he went back to school. I was looking at opera cuts on Itunes and trying to figure out where he unplugged the speakers.

I was walking and yoga and reading and teevee and staying up too late. I was not keeping up. I was doing laundry today. I was taking photos with new digital camera of the winter wonderland. I was answering a bunch of mail so the coffeetable is clearer than ever in years. I was finding favorite sweaters and two more pairs of winter jeans in boxes in the basement. I was feeling a bit conflicted about actually turning loose of clothes that are too big cause I am up ten pounds from my lowest weight.

I was making lists, that is what I was doing. Setting goals. I was going to be a book artist.