January 10th, 2007

new year

Art show business

Well, darn. I was getting all geared up to mail some art to the Boskone art show, in mid-February, and it turns out they don't actually have anywhere set up to mail it, which suggests that they don't really want my mail-in art. And I wrote to the art show email address last week and haven't heard anything back. The Rules and Information for Artists is all doom-laden chords about "if your entry is accepted" and mid-January being the time when everything is finalized.

Other than it being a totally new convention to me, the art show arrangements have a strong family resemblance to the WisCon and WorldCon art shows, which is old hat.

Surely I know someone who is going to Boskone. But I hate to be a nuisance at this late date about arranging for anyone to be my agent to drop off and pick up my little box at the art show. And just when I thought I was going to be all businesslike. Poot.

Maybe I should skip worrying about it and just send my stuff to MarsCon instead.

In related news, I have finished filling out my state sales tax form three weeks early. Go me.
new year

The Guitarist

Is there anyone that doesn't like classical guitar? ya know like Segovia, only modern Latin jazz folk. Folk jazz. Whatever. I suppose there must be, although I can't imagine who myself.

I was walking around the mall today after my yoga class, being as it has turned kind of cold, fancy that in January, and I saw a familiar face, someone sitting in one of the new comfy chairs. So I stopped circling the mall and said Hi. Jaime Guiscafre is the guitarist who I have mentioned here occasionally. We met in Miami in 1978, and a couple years later I got him to move to Madison. I've heard bits about what he has been up to since we lost touch: teaching, recording, got another master's degree. The music and arts community in town is not really all that large, so we know a fair number of people in common.

He looked kind of tired, which is understandable since he is teaching in Iowa and traveling back and forth. We chatted for a while, caught up a bit, and exchanged contact information. I'm awfully impressed with his performance schedule, on the website, world traveling and all, Argentina, Japan. The recordings look like I am going to have to hear them. After all, my computer upstairs since I loaded the music on it turns out to be all Latin music and classical guitar, Cuban son and bossa nova and jazz-folk. It will fit right in.

I'd scan another old photo and put it in here, but that seems kind of sad. We were so young.