January 5th, 2007

new year

48 Things To Do

A couple years ago Chris ran across some website of some young thing who had made a list for her birthday of 33 things to do when she was 33 years old, and we thought that was very clever and promptly made our own lists, which I probably wrote about here. I made a list of Fifty Things To Do. (There was also a list of Things Not To Do which was basically ways of wasting time and getting sidetracked, but we don't do those, oh heavens no.) In the course of the year, I even did many of my Things To Do.

But then the prospect of the list getting longer and longer was a little grim, so the next year I made a list of only 49 Things To Do. In this way you see by the time I am 100, I will have nothing left To Do. Theoretically.

Having my birthday at the end of the year certainly provides a handy time to review the list. I got about half of them done last year, and left off some of the rest anyway that I am not so interested in anymore. Some things (like taxes, and shampooing the carpet) repeat every year whether I like it or not. Some things I think about and still want to do and I revise a bit and put them on the new list. It is a bit chaotic, and not prioritized, but that is part of the charm of the list that it has some small things that are easily checked off and other things that are larger projects and some fun things that I just want to get started on and then see what happens.

This week I have been working on breaking down What Is The Next Step for each of these things, the next tiniest thing that I need to get moving on it. There is always just one thing that is next, and I found the suggestion somewhere that just proceeding to the next babystep on each item is how to go. I'm not trying to be comprehensive about entire projects, but just cut them into easy bite sizes. This gives me such a smorgasbord of various activities to choose from I can hardly stop myself getting something done. I've been reading a bit of that kind of thing, the Seven Habits and the odd book review and so forth, but I'm afraid the FlyLady is still washing my brain -- I certainly can't do a thing with it.