Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen (maryread) wrote,
Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen

Scarred for Life

When I get a wifi notebook, I will be able to update at every cafe on my walk instead of being obliged to wait until I get to the public library. I invariably think of many things on my walk that by the time I am home have been lost in the pile-up.


I have just finished reading a Jane Austen sequel [insert bibliographic info here] and a modern historical romance, that between them this morning sent me back to The Jane Austen Companion of which I have not yet read all the essays. Proceeding from the last bookmark, I was reminded I might review those six novels in the course of this recent novel-reading orgy, instead of all the new stuff I will never catch up with. The second essay in particular informed me that Jane Austen actually wrote her novels by revising her earlier short works, which were unpublishable. She had a Georgian eighteenth century wit that fit poorly with the early nineteenth century developments of Romanticism. The tiny excerpts of earlier work showed her working in short formats, of the fantastic vein. So the novels were in Regency walking dress, from utmost Siberia, or as we say more recently, Backwards, in high heels. As a great writer of voluminous but unpublishable works I find some hope in this.

Last night we enjoyed the new detective series Life more than we can warrant hope for its continuation. Remember that psychologically delicate LA detective that Jeff Goldblum played for a single season? this is something like that, only the LA detective is scarred by twelve years in the penal system and then exonerated, and has a more twitchy Zen sort of attitude. Much zen philosophy demonstrated, and hilariously funny if you have our sense of humor, which most don't. The actor is doing something like Michael Keaton in his most delicately shifty-eyed crazy roles.

After the daily bad News Hour (here in silence are nine more) we tried watching Ken Burns' The War but I've already seen so much of the newsreel footage, not to mention the movies based on it, and it's terrifically depressing. I'm sure it will be wonderfully educational in the future. I switched to the last fifteen minutes of Kid Nation which is beneath Mr S' notice, but I find the social engineering and Lord of the Flies echoes interesting. Besides they pretend there are no cameramen, and I can never catch them compromising the illusion of the omniscient camera-eye's invisibility.

Meanwhile, I still have not written up my observations on the summer season's Fat March, although as The Biggest Loser continues I may find a hook here to hang it on.

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