Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen (maryread) wrote,
Jae Leslie, aka MaryRead the Pirate Queen

Preserve your memories

OMG I'm posting at the public library!!!

Not the usual, but I'm walking through the old neighborhood today. That Hong Kong Cafe used to be a mom & pop grocery, back in the dinosaur days when I first moved to Madison. The Donut Factories (two within just a few blocks, that were busy at two in the morning with students up all night, buying half a dozen fresh hot donuts at a time). That first year I didn't actually venture much south of Regent Street. Then later I lived about six blocks from here, with Cheryl, wotthehell was her last name, it will come to me. (How many people I should look up when I next get to Seattle.) I think the laundromat is still there. Dottie Dumpling's used to be across the street from here (on Monroe) and then moved to a different quonset hut on Regent St before it caved to commercial pressures and moved to State St and the rest is history. Well okay, that is history too.

Also stopped in at Fraboni's, which is just about all that is left of the old Greenbush. Still the best Italian subs. I was looking for nondairy cocoa, but got a cup of coffee and a pound of artichoke salad and a warm up.

Cause it's cold today. Blowing and drifting, and big puddles on the corners that are camouflaged with slush. Shoot, if it warms up just a bit it will melt, and I haven't got my feet wet yet.

I'm here to pick up some Robert Sheckley stuff I put on reserve. Making plans you see. Not just next week, but hey, I'm actually thinking six months out.
Tags: books, memory, walking

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