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I'm at WisCon. Are you at WisCon too?

And if so, Dear Reader, we are both apparently sitting in our rooms with our computers instead of enjoying the giddy social whirl, or the highly stimulating intellectual discourse. Me, I just don't have enough spoons to engage with conventions in the round-the-clock fashion I used to do. Ah I was younger once.

I expected this to be more of a hotel vacation than previous cons. But I have done pretty well with my primary goal of having some actual sit-down conversations with individual friends, instead of all hit-and-run in the hall on the way to something else more important. Also, went to the couple of Class Panels and added to my comprehensive stash of notes on the subject. Succumbing to brain freeze on my own time, with the usual teevee.

I spent quite some time this afternoon lying down, and making more notes on how All Hell Broke Loose here in Madison, right under my personal nose. It appears I can talk about that pretty much any time, even though I haven't written much about it since the first week the Hellmouth broke out.

But it's nice to know you're all out there. Now I am going to the Guest Of Honor speeches. Maybe I'll even wear a dress.


May. 30th, 2011 04:42 pm (UTC)
Oh man. I have gotta get on that traveling horse again.